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How about a run down the Golf Course on the Ganga (without the normal jazz of your clubs and related tons of equipment)Or simply a Roller Coaster ride on the frothy waves, or may be a climb up to the best Wall that the Ganga has to offer (not quite like the Pink Floyd type but equally psychedelic)? May be a visit to Daniel’s Dip will satisfy your spiritual needs. The more adventurous ones might want to chase the Three Blind Mice. But Sweet Sixteen is bound to be a hit among the young. Let me warn you about the Double Trouble that might be in store once you are through with T-Off at the Club House. Black Money is easy but hard to digest, provided you make it well through the Marine Drive. These are just a few of the exotic names given to the rapids on the river Ganga. Other not mentioned above have equally exotic with names like Return to Sender, Body Surfing, Good Morning, Initiation, The Fall (on the upper Bhagirathi stretch), Cross Fire, etc.. The sport of river rafting gets the glamour from these names but is no way to be taken lightly. It can give you more than just a sudden rush of adrenaline in your body. It can teach you the powers of your mind and the ways to challenge the limits and then handle them equally well. It can instill confidence, teach you the importance of team work, and need for co-ordination and communication. And to top it all it can teach you how to handle stress and pressure at work. It can recharge your energies, instill new life in you. Apart from Rafting the camp has other activities to offer. You may want to try you hands at rock climbing or rappelling, may be kayaking or body surfing. A small trip to Devprayag to watch the confluence of the Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda Rivers where the Ganges emerges is sure to leave you speechless at the end of it. Numerous treks around the camp and seasonal waterfalls will always keep you occupied. But our normal experiences tell us that once you come to the camp you don’t want to do anything but laze on the beach as long as you can. So come, accept this invitation, and share with us a time you will remember for the rest of your life.

  • Destination:India
  • Duration:6 days
  • DATES : Aug 09 - Aug 15
    • Accommodation:Superior/Deluxe/Super Deluxe
    • Tour Duration:6 Days/ 5 Nights
  • PRICE :

Location, Logistics and other relevant details

It’s set up on a beach about 35 kms from the town of Rishikesh. Here you can challenge and face the fury of some of the best rapids that the River Ganga has to offer. You can just choose to relax on the beach and bask in the sun by the river, going in for that very occasional swim in the river every now and then. There is just no end to what you can do at the camp so come and explore it for yourself

Where will we stay?
We provide for occupancy in 10 feet by 12 feet tented accommodation units, which have a centre table and two beds with mattresses and sleeping bags. Each unit is weather proof and well ventilated with roll up windows.

What will we eat?
A live kitchen under the command of a culinary magician serves fresh food to the participants at the camp. The meals are a sumptuous buffets comprising of a well mixed fare. Food served is usually Indian while options for Chinese and south Indian food are kept open for preferences. The Dining area is a well covered and grounded area where 30- 40 people can comfortably eat together. Although to the best of our knowledge rock on the sand make for a very good company over a meal. Bottled water is procured for drinking and cooking purposes. Keeping up with the forest department guidelines we have dry pit toilets (sanitized by lime powder) at one end of the camp which also houses bathing tents and general wash area.

Adventure Activities
We believe camping is a wonderful concept to enjoy nature and tourism with minimal impact on the environment. As such we outright promote the idea of camping in innovative designs to most of our clients.

White Water Rafting You don’t have to be an ace swimmer to be able to experience the thrill of rafting. Especially when you have our well equipped, expert team of friendly instructors who considers it beyond them to leave anything to chance. And you get to experience the sheer power of Ganges in a true adventurer style. A two day rafting expedition at Rishikesh with us would cover about 36 km of the river and you come back all full of the thrills of rapids like The Wall, Golf Course, Roller Coaster (Grade IV+ rapids).

Elementary Rock Climbing, Rappelling & Long Pitch Rappelling
We’ll also teach you how to beat lizards at making it to the top of a steep rock face, but of course in a more urbane manner. The technique is called rock climbing, where you learn to find your own niches and steadily climb your way to the top. You also get to learn how to land back on the surface and safely by rappelling.

Escorted Hikes and Walks 
Experience a bit of Mountain lifestyle on your escorted hikes to the sleepy mountain villages and share a thing or two about different cultures and traditions. Or perhaps how their quiet life centers around this holy river. We have a few studied and regularly used hiking trails to nearby villages of Singthali, Jhair, Mahadev Chatti, Talla and Malla Nand, Sasman to a name a few. Each is different in terrain and level of difficulty and the length. It is best you discuss with the camp manager to find out which hike suits your profile and requirement.

Body surfing / Swimming
Take a dip in the river and let yourself afloat. The current is just right for even a novice to handle. Or try the sport of body surfing in the baby rapids. Even the non swimmers can try out the sport, of course with a life jacket on. All river sessions around the camp are under mandatory supervision of a life guard and a kayak for safety reasons.

Camp Games
For the sports enthusiasts, there’s enough to keep the energies charged. Take your pick from Volleyball, Badminton, Carom or Chess. Or perhaps, simply laze on the sand and let your thoughts drift with the sound of flowing river. We have two kayaks always stationed at the camp for the participants to have a little fun on the river although with imperative supervision in place. A life jacket is must and the camp Kayaker is always more than happy to teach you a thing or two about White Water kayaks, their maneuverability and agility in white water

Evenings at the Camp Loosen up in the evening with the hip swinging ‘n’ singing session, complete with bonfire at the camp beach. Or participate in one of the campfire games. And if there’s a musician in any of you, there’s always the option of carrying your instrument and creating your own ambience. Then there is always getting involved in Levitation, Knots and Boston Lap games to name a few of the campfire games